Kylie Mort – Little People Big Emotions

Little People Big Emotions by Kylie Mort is a children’s book that can be used as a platform to begin very important socio-cognitive discussions. It is award winning in emotional intelligence as it approaches important safety conversations in a child-friendly and individualistic nature, written by an author with professional qualifications and experience in education, neurolinguistic programming and psychology.


Written by Allison Paterson and Illustrated in Nancy Bevington Allison Paterson is a well-established name in children’s literature. Known for her well-researched and personal non-fiction narrative accounts of life in the past. From the evocative Shearing Time about life on the rural farm to Granny’s Place about 1960’s childhood and intergenerational bonds to her highly […]

How To Help Children Have A Healthy Body Image

As a mental and family health advocate and a parent who has supported my daughter through recovery from an eating disorder, I am often asked, “How can I help my child with their body image?” Sadly the parents who do approach me have often waited to speak up about their concerns until their child’s thinking […]


The Holocaust: Budapest 1944 and A Child’s World: Sydney 2000  Could these two periods of time be more different? Can we look back and say we’ve learned from mistakes of the past and so built a new more tolerant world? What makes us human, defines both our capacity for great acts of charity, as well […]

Author Interview – Michelle Worthington

  In this month of March I am out and about talking to some amazing women who are leading the way in their area and bringing new ideas and support to others. Today I am privileged to speak with Michelle Worthington who has not one but two sweet new picture books about little Mouse. The […]

Rain Shaker Book Launch Live on Facebook

    We’re welcoming our new children’s book, Rain Shaker, and our incredible eco-warrior Erin to the world. Erin wants to grow sunflowers for each of her family members, but there is a problem… There’s no RAIN! What will Erin do? Join us LIVE NOW in storytime to find out: Rain Shaker transports the reader […]

Chasing Rainbows Part Two – The Visualist

So as promised the second part of my look at one of Big Sky Publishing’s latest picture books – Chasing Rainbows; a sweet story about siblings trying to catch a rainbow and find that rainbow magic. During their journey, they find out a lot of things and discover something incredible. This time we will discover more […]

Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows is a story about siblings, Sam and Ruby, that asks children to look at the magic of rainbows in a different way. Sam and Ruby are extremely curious about rainbow magic. They have some unanswered questions. Are there pots of gold at the end, will they feel zingy if they touched one, do unicorns live on the top? Together they set out on a mission to find these answers…