Do you have concerns for yourself or a loved one with regard to healthy attitudes to body image or eating disorders??

Other health links

Daring Classrooms by Brené Brown

The Window of Tolerance by Beacon House


Centre for Clinical Interventions: This is a very useful set of modules with resources for those with eating disorders. Clear comprehensive and easy to follow the infopax are designed to be used sequentially and there is information worksheets and suggested activities in each module.

New ZealandThe Lowdown has information on anxiety, depression, relationships, identity and school life.

Youthline has lots of support options including free phone and text services, email, online chatting and face to face. It also has a range of quizzes and advice on how to help friends.

SPARX is a fantasy game to help manage stress, anxiety and depression.

Common Ground for families to help support themselves and teenagers with mental health issues.

USAMaudsley Parents: is an organisation providing support and online resources for families.

Dental Associates of North Virginia: has an excellent resource page about eating disorders with multiple links included. Well worth a look at this site

Drug Rehab: provides information and answers for people fighting addiction.
Their page on eating disorders provides information clearly, succinctly and without bias.

DrugRehab Connections: are a group of individuals who want to help those battling addiction by finding them the help they need. Their resources page has links to

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms website: provides information about the different types of palsy that exist along with the causes, symptoms, treatment and some discussions around birth injury. There is an extensive list of resources and a news section connecting the reader to a network of support on their website. A very comprehensive website.