Dinner on the Doorstep


ISBN-13: 9780994339294

ISBN-10: 0994339291

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Elizabeth Mary Cummings

Published: December


Mikey and Simon are missing their mum who is in hospital. Friends and neighbours want to help and so they take turns to bring a dinner to the family. Each day Mikey and Simon look forward to coming home and finding out what is on the doorstep. This heart-warming story celebrates community spirit whilst touching on a deeper conversation of coping with illness and the emotions that go with it.
About The Elephant in the Room Series
The Elephant in the Room series deals with tough health and wellbeing issues through the eyes of a young child. The purpose of the series is to help explain difficult health topics to younger children who may be going through tough times within their families as well as to empower them in seeing their role in the whole recovery process.

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