The Elephant in the Room Series

This series of books addresses issues often left unspoken about to young children. Whilst the topics are “tough” they are too important to avoid.



The Disappearing Sister

The story of a child’s view on dealing with Anorexia Nervosa

The Disappearing Sister, is aimed at providing a platform by which discussion may be started in a guided environment to help young children understand the nature of the impact of an Eating Disorder illness. The story helps families identify how the whole family is needed to help their loved one on the long road of their recovery to full health.

First published April 2015
Other Titles:

Dinner on the Doorstep

What happens to family meal times when mum is sick in hospital? This upbeat account of a family coping with domestic life through the eyes of a young child both delights the reader as well as provides a platform for discussing such issues with young children. 

Out now

The Forever Kid

When a child dies a family is forever changed. The sense of grief and loss are now part of their daily life, every family event, particularly birthdays and anniversaries are painful. Times of celebration are  touched with sadness. Can there be any comfort for families in this of grief. This narrative told through the voice of a sibling looks at how a family carries on whilst still remembering, still grieving and still connecting with their departed ‘forever’ child.
Due out soon.

The Very Bad Thing

How can one go on when living in the shadow of trauma? How can someone be happy again once they’ve experience some very bad? What if the victim is a child?  The Very Bad Thing examines the concepts of trauma, resilience and therapy through eyes of a young survivor in their journey to reclaiming their right to be happy midst the anguish of losing some  of their innocence.
Coming soon.

The Peace Garden

At the end of our street is a garden. A special garden A peace garden…

Rania and her friends just want to play outside but where? She has no garden and the girls are not allowed to play in the street. The girls find an unexpected solution to their problem and make a new friend too. A story about cultural diversity and communtiy spirit.

Coming soon.

The Wrong Colour of Tea

Erin and her family drink tea every day. It is always the same, hot, strong and white. When Erin’s aunt comes to stay, Erin discovers that there is not just one kind of tea.tea leaves

Tea can be all colours and many different tastes. A story celebrating diversity and individuality.

‘Tea makes everything better’ – Bindi Irwin

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