Mrs T and the Magic Pencil


ISBN-13: 9781911076285

ISBN-10: 1911076280

Author: Elizabeth Mary Cummings

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Elizabeth Cummings

Published: September 2016


Meet Mrs T, a teacher who makes every child in her class feel special and want to do their best. Through the years, her classroom and her methods were always guaranteed to help children discover their potential and to enjoy learning. Join one of her former students on a nostalgic journey recalling the fun, the lessons and the memories with Mrs T. But what will be discovered when we go back to that school? Will Mrs T still be there? Will anyone know about or remember those special times? Discover how the motivation and encouragement Mrs T gave her students with a little help from her magic pencil had a lasting and empowering effect on those she taught. A must-read for anyone who ever had an inspiring teacher and a heartfelt tribute to Mrs T and teachers like her who nurture their students and lead by example. Based on the wonderful and real-life Mrs T who made a difference to so many and to this day continues to grow children’s minds and self-esteem in her own magical way

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