Elizabeth writes in many different areas and genres. For the very young her series Verityville provides a wonderfully insightful look at the different jobs people can have and how we behave towards others and in our beautiful world. Children will readily relate to these easily recognisable characters and situations. Elizabeth’s Elephant in the Room series has been created for readers of all ages. From the very young through to adults working with young children, tough topics and life situations can be explored in a relatable and age-appropriate way. A platform to for discussion and discovery leading to self-empowerment and deeper understanding of family and mental health situation.

Have you wondered about what other people do? The ordinary, everyday people – the people that make our lives the way they are, those who help us, care for us, look after our town and do the little things that make a difference to our lives. Have you ever caught a little glimpse of their little routines or the daily habits? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be them?

In Verityville there are many amazing folk, all going about their daily business, making the town what it is. Their work and their efforts make Verityville a marvellous place to be, full of wonder, friendship and adventure!

Come take a trip to Verityville and meet some of the wonderful people who live and work there!

Little tales for little folk about real life in a veritably fabulous place…Verityville.

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The Sweetest Lollipop Lady in the World


Meet Audrey and read all about the magic of kindness! She lives in Verityville. She is a lollipop lady – in fact she is the sweetest lollipop lady in the world! Nothing is too much trouble – she loves to look after everyone who uses her crossing. Always kind, with a friendly smile and a sprinkle of magic, Audrey helps and cares for her community.

” A real story of how caring for others and the smalls deeds of kindness told from a child’s point of view”.

Teacher’s Resource for The Sweetest Lollipop Lady In The World

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The Garbage Guy

Meet the Garbage Guy! He lives in “Verityville. He works hard all day long to keep the town clean and tidy! The Garbage Guy really cares for the environment and all the people in it. He sweeps, lifts, cleans and picks up all the litter left behind. Whether he is on the big truck and or having a break with his friends the Garbage Guy has a happy smile and a great positive attitude to life.

“A real story of how a positive attitude and never giving up can make a difference as seen  from a child’s point of view”.

Teacher’s Resource for The Garbage Guy

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Mrs. T and the Magic Pencil

Meet Mrs. T, a Verityville teacher who makes every child feel special and strive to do their best. Helping children discover their potential and to enjoy learning Mrs T has become one of Verityville’s favourite friends. Join one of her former students on a nostalgic journey recalling the fun, the lessons and the memories with Mrs T. Discover how the inspiration and encouragement Mrs. T gave her students through the years with the help of her magic pencil had a lasting and empowering effect on those she taught.

“A must read for anyone who ever had an inspiring teacher and a heart felt tribute to those teachers who, like Mrs. T, care and nurture their students and lead by example.”

Teacher’s Resource for Mrs. T and the Magic Pencil

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Brave & Strong All Day Long


An inspiring story that raises important ideas about gender equality, bullying and water safety through an upbeat narrative rather than directives. An uplifting book based on the life of a real female lifeguard, whose strength and diligence makes her a strong female role model.
A simple story packed with messages of water safety, good deeds and above all about treating others fairly. A narrative of global relevance in its relatable nature, one which not only examines relatable childhood experiences but starts conversations about discrimination and how we can choose our own destiny.

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The Elephant in the Room series deals with tough health and wellbeing issues through the eyes of a young child. The purpose of the series is to help explain difficult health topics to younger children who made be going through tough times within their families as well as to empower them in seeing their role in the whole recovery process.

The Forever Kid

When a child dies a family is forever changed. The sense of grief and loss are now part of their daily life, every family event, particularly birthdays and anniversaries are painful. Times of celebration are touched with sadness. Can there be any comfort for families in this of grief? This narrative told through the voice of a sibling looks at how a family carries on whilst still remembering, still grieving and still connecting with their departed ‘forever’ child.

Teacher’s Resource for The Forever Kid

Dinner on the Doorstep



Dinner on the Doorstep is now ‘Kid-tested, Story Monster Approved’ – read more here

A wonderfully hopeful and stunningly illustrated book; one that celebrates community support whilst tackling the deeper issues of the impact of long-term illness on a family.
An uplifting book filled with reflections of family life and one whose illustrations beautifully portray how the whole community helps their neighbours. A story about kindness that highlights the importance in the support of a community network when someone is ill. A relatable narrative, one filled with hope, comfort and gratitude that will help families talk through their feelings and emotions on the matter of long term illness. A story of particular interest to carers, teachers, support works and counsellors working with those going through difficult times of family illness.

Teacher’s Resource for Dinner on the Doorstep

The Disappearing Sister

The story of a child’s view on dealing with Anorexia Nervosa

The Disappearing Sister is aimed at providing a platform by which discussion may be started in a guided environment to help young children understand the nature of the impact of an Eating Disorder illness. The story helps families identify how the whole family is needed to help their loved one on the long road of their recovery to full health.

Coming Soon

Audrey & Friends - The Sweetest Lollipop Lady in the World Vol 1

Audrey is the lollipop lady at Lizzie’s school. She is the sweetest lollipop lady in the world. Audrey knows just how to take care of everyone who comes to her crossing. Audrey is a role model for kindness and caring for others. Her messages of safety and community spirit in a will inspire and resonate with its young readers. Each story is a new adventure. Join Lizzie and Audrey in the fun at the school crossing where everyone is welcome and all are safe!
Due out soon

Fiona & Friends - Brave and Strong All Day Long Vol 1

Fiona is a lifeguard. Always watching, prepared to respond to danger, Fiona knows how to be brave and strong. A role model for equality and resilience Fiona has an extraordinary passion for life and the natural world. Join Fiona in her adventures as keeps everyone safe on her beach all day long!
Due out soon

The Very Bad Thing

How can one go on when living in the shadow of trauma? How can someone be happy again once they’ve experienced something very bad? What if the victim is a child?  The Very Bad Thing examines the concepts of trauma, resilience and therapy through eyes of a young survivor in their journey claiming their right to be happy midst the anguish of losing some  of their innocence.

Coming soon.

The Peace Garden

At the end of our street is a garden. A special garden A peace garden…

Rania and her friends just want to play outside but where? She has no garden and the girls are not allowed to play in the street. The girls find an unexpected solution to their problem and make a new friend too. A story about cultural diversity and community spirit.

Coming soon.

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