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 Elizabeth Cummings

Children’s author

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Children, 5-7 (Learning F – 2), 8-11 (Learning 3 – 6), 5-11 (Learning 7 – 10), Adult groups

About Elizabeth’s Books and Literary Services

My children’s picture book series fall into two main categories: firstly “The Elephant in the Room Series” and the “Verityville” series.

My Junior Fiction stories are coming out soon!

Preorder No More Homework or The Sweetest Lollipop Lady Stories here


The Elephant in the Room

“The Elephant in the Room” series deals with tough health and wellbeing issues through the eyes of a young child. The purpose of the series is to help explain difficult health topics to younger children who made be going through tough times within their families as well as to empower them in seeing their role in the whole recovery process.

My debut picture book in this series is called “The Disappearing Sister”. It is about anorexia nervosa and the impact on the family told through the eyes of the younger sibling. It takes the reader on the journey of illness and recovery sharing both a message of hope and an age-appropriate explanation of what is going on in a family where there is an eating disorder sufferer. It covers a topic traditionally stigmatised and poorly understood as well as giving voice to those who are often the silent sufferers in the family – namely the younger siblings. This is breakthrough literature in the area and is being used by practitioners to help their clients and their families come to terms with the impact of the illness on the family and to help provide a means of starting important and tough conversations with the younger family members. The book is designed to be used as a sharing tool both at home and in the classroom.

Workshops for The Elephant in the Room

Adult workshops and workshops for school groups

As someone who has directly been involved with eating disorders and the long time care of a child, workshops and forum based sessions are available for those who are going through similar experiences or who have a professional interest in the nature of eating disorders and the recovery process from such illnesses.



The “Verityville” series is a collection of simple stand-alone stories about characters in a little town ’not far from you’. It is based on many memories of my own childhood coupled with looking at my local community from a child’s perspective. There you will find the kindest and friendliest people all striving to do their best at work and play and making a positive impact on the lives of those they meet. Meet “The Sweetest Lollipop Lady in the World”, “The Garbage Guy” and “The Brave Lady Lifeguard”. Discover the of magic and her “Mrs. T “ and her magic pencil and dream big dreams with Sadie and her salon who dedicate themselves to transforming and listening to others.



Children’s workshops

I love stories and storytelling – we all have stories to tell and experiences to share! Whenever we look around we see others who are touching our lives in a magical way. I can visit your school or group and lead a workshop appropriate to the children’s ages and abilities.  Together we can create our own picture book, make an ideas grow and magic happen when we work together to create our own wonderful stories.

Literary festivals

Literary festivals are wonderful places where you can get completely absorbed and involved with books and those who love them. I can deliver hands-on activities session for younger festival goers or get involved with storytelling and sharing my writing process with those avid readers and storytellers of all ages!

I am based in Sydney, Australia.

Bookings for wider Australia and any internationally based projects are taken on a case-by-case basis.

Please note:  A minimum of 25% of the proceeds from bookings for “The Elephant in the Room Series” will be channelled back to the relevant charity to help enhance research and education in the area of study.