Where Are The Homeless Tonight? (The Lindt Siege Tribute)

Where are the homeless tonight?
Their usual places deserted
Yet choked up
With mourners sifting through
Clear shimmering
This valley of cellophane tears
Blinking and
All glistening
Each its unique design
With varying degrees
Of thought of care of creativity
Yet each expressing
That one and singular sentiment
Of astonished grief
Like a floral chocolate box scattered
These beauties lie peaceful
Guarded and given homage
Their restful state has displaced
The regular sleepers
And where are they?
These night visions
Where are the homeless tonight?
Upon ten thousands
And yet more keep coming
To this grotto of human spirit
This building storm
Of emotion
In silence all do scream
Their protests
Their love
Their prayers of loss and futility
Hardly bearing to look
Blinded by new tears
Bound with connection
To their fellow men
Yet missing from all this
Are the homeless
Where are they?
Where are the homeless tonight?