Welcome to Verityville

Verityville Streetview.jpg

Verityville, the little town with a big heart not too far from you! A place where people take each day as it comes, doing their job and helping others with a great attitude. Where is this place you may well ask and what is so special about getting on with life? Well to be truthful Verityville is wherever you are. It is where you can see the good in others and see the joy in the small things. Verityville is the idea that each of us makes that difference to the quality of others lives, it is noticing the little positives when surrounded by big negatives, it is the ability to give something back. Things aren’t always easy and daily life is not always exciting but by looking at the world with an openness to what it has to offer; be it the people we take for granted who help us every day like Audrey our lollipop lady or by showing care for the environment like the garage guys; we can make a difference to our own lives as well as our community.

Through simple concepts and observations of daily life and of ordinary people the Verityville series seeks to capture the imagination of the young child and in doing so empower them to see their role in the world. Values like kindness, respect, gratitude and resilience are explored and told through the stories about the everyday heroes of Verityville.

Working with both Johanna Roberts and Bronte Goodieson through their respective art and graphic design talents has been and still is an amazing journey. In their own way they have been my heroes in their ability to bring the vision I have of Verityville to life. For that I am filled with gratitude and find that I too can learn something from them and so it is exciting to share some of the first images of the branding we are creating for this project.

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