Mansfield College, Oxford – The Place of Storytelling in Clinical Contexts

OxfordPhoto160712 (1)
Recently I went to Mansfield College Oxford to present a paper at the 9th Interdisciplinary Storytelling Conference. My paper was on storytelling in clinical contexts and in it I referenced my work with my ‘Elephant in the Room’ series.

The whole experience was an incredible one from start to finish. I met with other storytellers from all over the world. There were stories of healing and stories of war, stories of loss, stories of undiscovered families and lost people. There were stories about injustice and celebration stories. There was discussion about how to use stories to mend broken communities, educate unwilling children, nurture patients and support caregivers. There were explanations of how stories get changed, how false stories exist and how the truth is hidden in fable. It was fascinating.

Now I am back I am still in touch with the other delegates and we shall be developing more publications from our engagement. What a worthwhile and inspiring event it was.

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