The Eleventh Hour

As you pin that little flowerWill you mind the eleventh hour?Will you sitAnd stop your dayTo call to mindThe battles fought And those that laidDown their livesAnd left all they lovedTo fight a causeThat the world called yoursAnd call to mindThose pure white crossesThat sit in splendorRow on rowAs that great poetWrote long ago?Would you say […]

Would You Have Marched?

Would you have marched If you had seen violence come? Would you have spoken out when Into a home Only last week Here in our town Violence crept softly? Would you protest If you knew Up the stairs And into the room And into the bed Violence took what it wanted In silence As the […]


The dawn striped red across the skyWhen standing still we gazed upon the seaBreathing in the silence drawing nearAs patriotic flags flapped in the windWe prayed and thought about this legacyOur minds dwelling on the many and the many moreWho gave their lives too soon in all those warsAnd their aching families who mourn them […]