A Wake Up Call

It’s good to get a wake up call. On a recent family holiday to Vanuatu I was privileged enough to get to visit a local community. The first wake up call was our guide telling us that we could throw our empty soft drink cans down in the grass. I was absolutely gobsmacked. Here was […]

Local Radio Station Goes To Verityville

Big shout out to Eastside radio – thanks for the great ad… support you local radio station – they are right in touch with the community and air many different genres in their shows as well as hosting a wide variety of events. They are holding their ‘radiothon’ at the moment and you can show […]

The Garbage Guy

This garbage guy wears a bright, bright shirtWith the name of our town on his broad, broad backAnd a wide brimmed hat that goes on just like thatAnd he whistles through his teeth and as he cleans up all the dirt.Saying “Hi” to the girls who are all out runningHe empties the bins on the […]