Would You Have Marched?

Would you have marched If you had seen violence come? Would you have spoken out when Into a home Only last week Here in our town Violence crept softly? Would you protest If you knew Up the stairs And into the room And into the bed Violence took what it wanted In silence As the […]

At The End Of The Phone

At the end of the phoneThis spaceToo farThough closeClose in thought and heart.I dialed her numberThough before I didI already knewThat she’d be cryingI knew that.There is no comfort to giveWe both knowThat there was only one wayI’m sorry – She’s sorryIt’s a shame, it’s a loss.It happened too quicklyA dog’s life’s too shortAnd sure […]

The Garbage Guy

This garbage guy wears a bright, bright shirtWith the name of our town on his broad, broad backAnd a wide brimmed hat that goes on just like thatAnd he whistles through his teeth and as he cleans up all the dirt.Saying “Hi” to the girls who are all out runningHe empties the bins on the […]