Here on Coogee Beach

Every Tuesday sure enough they’re thereYou’ll find them – well you knowBehind the locked door – behind the swing doorsTheir brown-as-berry faces and crisscrossed backsThe stripes worn for times done and spentDown here down on Coogee BeachIt’s always a laugh, always a giggleThe stories and recounts of their youth, their happy daysThe boys, the men, […]

Love by the Hour – The Escorted Heart

If I think and breatheAnd that is all my ownNo crisp dollar billNor credit cardCan pay for that or shallEver take away from me the things I truly amSo if they trade and buy and shareAnd take from me the things they canStill deep within my very soul I know just who I am.There’s those […]


I’m remembering Eddie so clearly todayIt isn’t too hard – the images staySo clear in my mind of this man, this friendWhose heart was so full of love till the end.He never did think of his value, his worthBut only of what he could do on this earthTo help others, to care, to teach and […]

At The End Of The Phone

At the end of the phoneThis spaceToo farThough closeClose in thought and heart.I dialed her numberThough before I didI already knewThat she’d be cryingI knew that.There is no comfort to giveWe both knowThat there was only one wayI’m sorry – She’s sorryIt’s a shame, it’s a loss.It happened too quicklyA dog’s life’s too shortAnd sure […]

In Loving Memory Of A Dear Friend

Adapted excerpt from a tribute to a dear friend who passed on five years ago today… …People missed her so much. They thought she had gone.Slowly they began to see that she had not completely gone – her ideas and her spirit were all around them.In the culture they loved – the songs and the […]