Passing It On


There are always those who just do that little bit extra to help others. You may not realise or notice or see it but the understated and almost invisible things these folk do go a long way to making a community function, helping people to carry on and giving others a sense that they are ‘worth it’.


Take for example my friend Audrey. For many who pass her crossing they’ll see a smiling helpful lollipop lady and indeed she is but she is so much more. She’s the sort of person who will line up the rubbish bins to help the garage collectors, she will help anyone over the crossing whether they be 5 years old or 95 years old and she will offer to look after dogs, bags and small children when parents have their arms full. Yes, she is the sort of friend who changes her plans to help and yesterday was no exception. In the searing Sydney summer heat of the middle of her working day Audrey helped me load up a garage full of supplies for Vanuatu and transport these to the freight company. Did I mention the heat? Even in the midday sun she cheerfully loaded and lifted and carried box after heavy box until it was all done. That is gold and that is my friend Audrey – The Sweetest Lollipop Lady in the World!

So now we are one step closer to getting that shipment of essential school supplies and hundreds of books for the school library to Erakor School in Vanuatu. I am so grateful for not only Audrey’s help but the help of all those in our fantastic community who reached out, sorted out and brought their donations to pass onto to others. Keep watching for the updates and keep collecting useful items such as books, stationery, good used children’s clothes and washed used runners for our charity drives in 2017.


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