Out soon – The Garbage Guy

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First 50 readers who participated in the book launch promotion received a first edition
signed copy of The Garbage Guy!

3 thoughts on “Out soon – The Garbage Guy

  1. This is such a well written, engaging and wonderful book! Thank you Elizabeth! My children are fixated with your wonderful characters and they have made them appreciate the work Garbage Guys and Lollypop Ladies do in our community! We wait with baited breath for your next book and hope that many more children are entranced by your writing as we are!

    1. Dear Stephanie,
      It is so lovely to hear how much your children love the books! I am smiling just reading your warm comments.
      The good news is that the next books are ALREADY in the pipeline… Yes it’s true! Tomorrow Johanna Roberts and I are meeting to go through her illustrations for ‘Mrs. T and the Magic Pencil” It is a story about a most amazing teacher – she is based on a real teacher who taught my daughters in year 3. She is everything a teacher should be and, like Audrey, has a special ‘magic’!
      Also today I met with the incredible Dr. Riptide to talk about the next again book about a lady lifeguard called Fiona – she is brave and strong all day long’! – so you can guess what the title of that book might be!!
      Keep checking my website for more news as w shall be updating it again VERY soon!
      Yours in the love good stories,

  2. I strongly believe that a sense of community promotes the mental health and wellbeing of all community members and this is a protective factor for our children’s mental health.
    Thank you, Elizabeth – for your books that promote that sense of community. I love that I can share with my children about the kindest and joy in others – especially those who keep our community around us safe and healthy on a daily basis.

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