Mothers’ Day – A Gift

This Mother’s Day I was in Canberra. It was a perfect autumnal weekend. The trees changing colour and the chameleon array of their canopies add a special beauty to the capital city.

Being the capital there’s always a lot to do my priorities were watching an ANU med review and spending time with my family. Being a storyteller I discover stories to be found even in the most domestic occupations. And so it was with this weekend. I always enjoy watching the whole medical department put on a very professionally executed performance. Students in all year groups participated alongside some of the more enthusiastic staff members. Despite having no medical background it is always easy to identify the in-jokes and find reliability that extends beyond the realms of life as a medical student.

This year the theme was to do with artificial intelligence in healthcare and real medical care delivered by humans with a heart. The review is always a spin from a popular film or story and this year it was titled how to train your doctor. The protagonist was a young doctor who kept trying but failing to pass on the van and the antagonist was a robot who wanted to eradicate disease by controlling everything but who lacked any understanding of emotion or compassion. It struck me as I watched that these teams were so relatable to the life of any writer. With the need to comply with expectations and processes pathways to publication and social engagement one can lose the essence or become bogged and find that one’s works in progress and creative spirit are becoming derailed.

Taking time to be with family and to spend time away from my desk gave me a break. It also gave my mind time to wander and inevitably it wandered down the pathways of stories and new narratives. Whether it was spending time at the museums and galleries, making new writing friends or bumping into old friends at craft fairs, I was surrounded by creativity and narratives leaving me chomping to get back to my desk! What a gift indeed! Happy Mothers’ day one and all!