May The Force Be With You

Okay I am an unashamed #StarWars fan and have been since the tender age of twelve when I watched my first SW movie at my uncle’s house on what was in those days cutting degree technology VCR! Since then I have watched the epic saga over and over and enjoyed any opportunity to wax lyrical about droids, siths, intergalactic love stories and the rest.

These days the chance to regale and revisit the thrills and spills is a highlight to the start of May when 4th looms large. Acronym battles have raged all day long across town, interstate and with friends and family overseas. We all demand that our opponent should GYTTDS (give yourself to the dark side) or the ever true DODNTINT (do or do not there is no try).

There are those unbelievers who think the SW sage is too gimmicky, too geeky or too tedious and to those I say – let it go and UWYHL (unlearn what you have learned) a little escapism and little bit of suspending disbelief serves to raises spirits, connects us to others and frees us from the daily grind. So this year as with every year I wish you the same sentiment: MTFBWY.


May you see today for what it is
May you watch the clouds and know the sun will shine again
May you get your work done knowing tomorrow is Friday
May your boredom breed new agendas and ideas
May you smile at strangers and cry with friends
May you strive for the ugly truth and show your beauty within
May you bear your pain knowing you are not alone
May you be yourself though falseness is all around
May your own need for help drive you to be there for others
May you stop long enough to know you are alive
And today as with every year

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