Love by the Hour – The Escorted Heart

If I think and breathe
And that is all my own
No crisp dollar bill
Nor credit card
Can pay for that or shall
Ever take away from me the things I truly am
So if they trade and buy and share
And take from me the things they can
Still deep within my very soul I know just who I am.
There’s those who’d have me for a night
And those who live to spend an hour
Of time, of energy, of desire
To briefly be with me
To try and leave their mark
But despite the good, the great, the sad and those all in between
I rather keep my distance from each of them
Polite and in control.
For I can give but that isn’t me – it is not me at all.
You think you know what you think of me
You believe you understand
But I doubt you’ll ever scratch beneath what I choose to share
For unless you transact in that same currency or similar kind
Unless you know and feel that need
To trade what can’t be bought
You’ll never know the liberty, compulsion or the power
Of what I do, of who I am, or feel as I do feel
And love others as I have.