Indenting Hearts – The Legacy of the Magic Pencil


I am sharing a couple of short videos with you from our Mrs T  New Zealand book launch back in April this year. Watching the first one in particular I am once more brought to tears and struck with how very special the inspiration behind my book’s central character Mrs T actually is. To find someone who can see people for who they are and who is prepared to go the extra distance to help others’ in their journeys can change lives. Mrs T is such a person. As a primary teacher she always took the time and interest in each child and their special needs or difficulties did not deter her from trying to find ways to help them grow and to build their self esteem. For staff who taught with as I did it made me want to seek to be a better teacher and for the communtiy around her whether Mrs T has always been an example of kindness, friendliness and care for others.


As Mrs T tells in this little video clip she used the magic pencil to indent students’ works  with ticks that they students then coloured to make visible and thus felt the ‘magic was in them’. In a similar way Mrs T has indented those she has taught and worked with bringing a magic to their lives through her natural warmth and compassion.

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