I’m remembering Eddie so clearly today
It isn’t too hard – the images stay
So clear in my mind of this man, this friend
Whose heart was so full of love till the end.
He never did think of his value, his worth
But only of what he could do on this earth
To help others, to care, to teach and to show
There’s many a skill he helped them to grow.
What sticks in my mind as I sit here and pray
Is the sight of his smile and his shuffle each day
Down to the beach where many he knew
To offer his help, and his wisdom too.

To hear Eddie talk was often a laugh
He knew how to humour the hospital staff
He knew many things indeed did dear Eddie
And at the end of his life he knew he was ready.

You see his faith held him so sure and so fast
Where some faiths faltered Eddie’s did last
He truly believed in his God and those things
That make a soul as rich as any a king.

Faith may be one thing, but there’s much, much more
For Eddie lived life to the full that’s for sure
His actions were so small so humble and true
His good deeds were many though very few knew.

For my part I knew – I saw and I felt
The kindness of Eddie when hardships were dealt
His concern and his care for us and our kin
Words of comfort and warmth when we leant on him.

He was there when you needed him and even when
You never knew what you needed he was there then
With gloves and the weights in the gym, on the beach
Looking out and keen to share and to teach.

He had funny old ways and a very slow walk
It was kinda a shuffle and boy could he talk!
You were never too sure what he would do
Or say for that matter to his keen boxing crew!

His passion for sport and for racing well known
His love of his family and friendships he’d grown
He did have his rants and there were things that he hated
And he never held back when opinions he stated.

Eddie always thought deeply of each person he knew
And what help for charities he might be able to do
Hearing the things he did and he gave
Without doubt a good man right through his life to his grave.

Many will miss him their grief all too new
Eyes brimming with tears, as they sit in their pews
The folk all black-suited fill the church by the sea
There’s a peace and a sadness – a warm energy.

As they carry the coffin with the service now done
And back to their offices the workers do run
They think on the words that they heard the priest say
Of Eddie’s goodness and character –  those memories will stay.

So Eddie lives on, his spirit will last
He can inspire us to do as he did in the past
For there’s always a path, a means and a way
To help others like Eddie did every day.

I think of him now released from all pain
His last years were tough, his health under strain
And think of his family, his friends and then how
He’s touched our lives and he is in heaven now.
RIP Eddie  W. 2014