Here on Coogee Beach

Every Tuesday sure enough they’re thereYou’ll find them – well you knowBehind the locked door – behind the swing doorsTheir brown-as-berry faces and crisscrossed backsThe stripes worn for times done and spentDown here down on Coogee BeachIt’s always a laugh, always a giggleThe stories and recounts of their youth, their happy daysThe boys, the men, […]

One Voice

It was just one voiceBut that voice spokeIn tones of familiar comfortOf home and care and loveOf laughter and of knowingall that had passed between us.Its music poured itself into my ears, my head, my soulAnd calming those storms raging in my mindWalked me through the waves of emotionThat consumed meTo a place of harmonyAnd […]

The Eleventh Hour

As you pin that little flowerWill you mind the eleventh hour?Will you sitAnd stop your dayTo call to mindThe battles fought And those that laidDown their livesAnd left all they lovedTo fight a causeThat the world called yoursAnd call to mindThose pure white crossesThat sit in splendorRow on rowAs that great poetWrote long ago?Would you say […]

Love by the Hour – The Escorted Heart

If I think and breatheAnd that is all my ownNo crisp dollar billNor credit cardCan pay for that or shallEver take away from me the things I truly amSo if they trade and buy and shareAnd take from me the things they canStill deep within my very soul I know just who I am.There’s those […]


I’m remembering Eddie so clearly todayIt isn’t too hard – the images staySo clear in my mind of this man, this friendWhose heart was so full of love till the end.He never did think of his value, his worthBut only of what he could do on this earthTo help others, to care, to teach and […]

The Exam Season

There’s never just four seasons in this day and age,You feel it in your bones come that first day,Of exams and tests and standardising standards,The nauseous buzz, the anxious chatter the butterflies a flutter,For one and all who’ve ever been through the big exam door.Now clock is ticking from the moment they awakeThe forced-down breakfast, […]


Nina is one big, big smileA bubble of happinessA glow of contentmentA vision of joyShe knows what is goodAnd she tells it quite straight“Go have fun dearie –enjoy yourself while you’re young”


There’s a flag at half mast over Coogee todayThe folks are remembering a friend passed awayHe never asked – he wouldn’t knowHow much they really loved him so.There’s a flag at half-mast over Coogee today,An old lady’s head bows as she wipes a tear awayShe’s remembering his smile, his friendly wordAll things he told her […]

Where Are The Homeless Tonight? (The Lindt Siege Tribute)

Where are the homeless tonight?Their usual places desertedYet choked upWith mourners sifting throughClear shimmeringThis valley of cellophane tearsBlinking andAll glisteningEach its unique designChosenWith varying degreesOf thought of care of creativityYet each expressingThat one and singular sentimentOf astonished griefLike a floral chocolate box scatteredThese beauties lie peacefulGuarded and given homageTheir restful state has displacedThe regular sleepersAnd […]

A Mother

From In Celebration of Mothers: If you recall the weight of a baby in your arms If you still remember first words, first steps so small If you’ve packed a lunch or chopped up fruit And upon the steel benches watched sport been won and lost If you have been sleep weary from the hours […]

Would You Have Marched?

Would you have marched If you had seen violence come? Would you have spoken out when Into a home Only last week Here in our town Violence crept softly? Would you protest If you knew Up the stairs And into the room And into the bed Violence took what it wanted In silence As the […]


The dawn striped red across the skyWhen standing still we gazed upon the seaBreathing in the silence drawing nearAs patriotic flags flapped in the windWe prayed and thought about this legacyOur minds dwelling on the many and the many moreWho gave their lives too soon in all those warsAnd their aching families who mourn them […]