Research by Guest Blogger Daniel MacDonald

In the last few months Johanna Roberts and I have embarked on a new and challenging project investigating bullying, the acceptance of the individual and self acceptance. With Johanna travelling in the Americas and me travelling through Asia we had plenty of material for the visuals and the sense of place we wish to create in this forthcoming graphic story of a misfit, hereby known as The Green Striped Hoodie.

In the light of our subject matter our guest blogger and researcher Daniel MacDonald has been working through some data on the topic of bullying. So it with particular thanks to his his curation that we can present the information below for those who might be looking at finding out about resources and helpful links in regard to bullying.

Definition: “Bullying has three elements: it is an act is aggressive and intended to do harm; these are repeated over time; and, they occur within the context of a power imbalance… Bullying can be physically aggressive, but can also be verbal (name calling), or social (social exclusion) in nature” (NAEYC). According to Kids Helpline, cyberbullying mainly occurs in late primary and early high school, claiming that 10-14 year olds are the most common to report cyberbullying, followed by 15-18.

Books on Bullying
Australian Books come from Reading Australia (Bullying Tag):

Booktopia also has a list of Anti-Bullying books, filtered from Preschool to Year 6, but many are not Australian.

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