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Book cover of The Mouse and the EggIn this month of March I am out and about talking to some amazing women who are leading the way in their area and bringing new ideas and support to others. Today I am privileged to speak with Michelle Worthington who has not one but two sweet new picture books about little Mouse. The Wind and the Mouse from last year and most recently The Mouse and the Egg, both charmingly illustrated by Adyna Ferre.  Here what she had to say…

Welcome Michelle! Can you tell us a little about youself?

Photo of Michelle Worthington

I am an award-winning children’s author, screenwriter and international guest speaker on the power of story. A full-time writer based in Brisbane, I credit my three sons for giving me an endless source of inspiration and motivation, as well as my wrinkles.

What brought you to writing books for children?

I started writing books for children when my oldest son was born. He is turning 21 this year which makes me feel very old. It took me 10 years to get my first book published but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have learnt so much and am now able to help others.

Book cover of The Wiind and the Mouse

What was your motivation for writing the mouse stories?

I was approached by friends of mine who are social workers and work with families around addiction and trauma. They wanted me to help write books for kids that could explain their 7 Conscious Choices program and help them understand in an age appropriate way the wholistic treatment they were undertaking as a family.

Are the two books part of a series? If so, please share how you envision that series developing.

The book is part of a series that relate to the 7 Conscious Choices program. It has been adapted for a children’s audience and there are 7 books in the series, each with their own animation.

Can you tell us a little about your journey as an independent author and publisher?

Most of my books are traditionally published. I wanted to help aspiring authors learn about the publishing process so I created an annual anthology competition, which donates money or books to charity.

Book sample showing Mouse playing pirates

Three pearls of wisdom for other writers?

  1. No one can publish your story if you don’t send it to them
  2. Don’t wait until it’s perfect. The publisher will make changes to suit their portfolio anyway
  3. Find your creative voice. Your audience will find you.

It will be International Women’s Day on 8th March. You are one of my personal favourites strong and inspiring female role models. Who inspires you?

Miss Piggy. Since I was a little girl, she has always been an amazing strong, stylish and intelligent female role model.

A hope for young women in the future?

I hope they have the courage of their convictions and can learn from the mistakes we have made in the past. I hope they understand the power of words and be kind to themselves and each other. I hope they can listen to our stories and then write their own.

Finally, what would be your favourite motivational song?

Dolly Parton’s 2 Doors Down

You can find out more details about Michelle and her books at and can follow her on Twitter @michelle_author and also on Facebook.

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