Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows is a story about siblings, Sam and Ruby, that asks children to look at the magic of rainbows in a different way. Sam and Ruby are extremely curious about rainbow magic. They have some unanswered questions. Are there pots of gold at the end, will they feel zingy if they touched one, do unicorns live on the top? Together they set out on a mission to find these answers…

Global Issues

It was the 18th March and I was in the middle of trying to sort out flights home from the UK before the borders closed in the height of the COVID-19 drama when I got an email from my illustrator Melissa Salvarani who wrote saying she’d finished writing a new book that talks about everyday situations in which we use our hands, everything we touch and the bacteria that live on the palms of the hands…

Supporting Words

As a qualified teacher and a children’s author you would think that writing my own teacher’s notes for each of my books is second nature. Well yes and no. With my mind in many places

Helping Children Get To Sleep – A New Tune for an Old Lament

Robin has been in the music business forever! Ok for the most part of one of the most significant period in the era of pop music. You only have to check out this video clip to get an idea of how incredibly talented and well-respected this guy was and still is.

COVID Creations: Dinner on the Doorstep: A Story of Kindness in Difficult Times

Before she got sick Mum always looked after all of us.
She helped the neighbours with their shopping.
She walked her friend Helen’s dog when Helen was at work.
She helped the kids with their homework at Homework Club.
Mum helped everyone until… Mum got sick.
Her throat was sore and she kept coughing.
She had a bad virus….

Rainy Day Post

Today it is has been raining in my town and instead of putting on raincoats and putting up our umbrellas to go to school we are staying in our homes doing our best to help beat the COVID pandemic…

Teachers who Make a Difference

Today I got a request for help from parents in Spain for ideas and support as they cope with homeschooling. Instead of sending lists of teacher manuals or student workbooks online, I thought back to my own experience of homeschooling during…

Author Interview – Valerie Bolling

In 250 words or less, who are you? I have been an educator for 27 years and a writer since age 4. When I taught elementary students, it was difficult to find diverse literature for them. Thus, I'm passionate about creating stories in which all children can see...

CBCA National Conference 2019

The other week I attended my first national CBCA conference. Not only was it attended by some of the children's literary world royalty such as Leigh Hobbs, Morris Gleitzman, Susanne Gervay, Bruce Pascoe and so many more but there were librarians, teachers, authors,...

Author Interviews

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