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joanna_illustratorJohanna Roberts is an exceptional young artist based here in Sydney form the moment I saw some of her major artworks a number of years ago in a local exhibition I knew there was something very special about her.

Not only can Johanna capture sheer emotion – from anguish to pain to expressions of happiness and joy but she portrays such raw and intimate moments in her work.

Johanna does not restrict herself to canvas, She has won acclaim for her sensational fabric and natural materials clothes designs including a ball-gown embellished with panels of seaweed fabric! She regularly is asked to do “make-up and special effect” gigs from grotesque body paint works for the “Zombie” walk to “glamour” make up parties from kids and “formal” make overs for young women! Nothing is too “out there” or “too difficult” for her to attempt and like a true artist the time and detail she spends on her works are nothing compared to the incredible finished results!

The work she is currently doing fro the “Verityville” and “Elephant in the Room” are testament to her skills and talent. If you haven;t yet acquainted yourself with her work please do check out some of her creations on the link tumblr link:


Audrey: “The Sweetest Lollipop Lady in the World”;
“She is there on windy days”


Tough Talks

DS13 Media

This image above says so much and so powerfully conveys the emotion, the intensity of those tough talks….

“…”You must tell your mum,” says Jenny… “How can I? – I don’t want my sister to be mad ….I promised not to tell. “Well I didn’t promise,” says Jenny… and she tells my mum…”

Image taken from “The Disappearing Sister”; illustrated by Johanna Roberts

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