About EMC Writing

liz_pic_dogWhy Elizabeth Mary?

Well my name is Elizabeth Mary. I like it! I used to be embarrassed about how long my name was and how traditional it sounded when I was at school but I am now proud of my names!

Why write?

I just can’t help myself! I love words, I love a good story and I love to read. I love stories with heart or with a message about life. In my writing I try to capture the little things, the stuff that fills out our lives even if we don’t always notice. Take the Verityville series for instance where each book focuses on a character who has a special role in their community. Each makes a difference in people’s lives and their good work often goes unnoticed or is taken for granted.  But just imagine for a moment a world with no garbage collectors or a school crossing with no lollipop lady. Scary isn’t it?

Why write about bad and sad things?

Life can can good and we can be happy but sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations or coping with hardships. It is then we need more than ever to understand and to be understood but it is also when it is often hard to discuss what’s going on or how we are feeling. A child who faces crises directly or whose family is suffering needs to have the chance to discuss and to understand  what is going on in their lives. In my Elephant in the Room series I seek to explore topics such as illness, grief and trauma in terms that are accessible and relatable for children. I hope that the series will help both children and those who care for them to develop resilience and hope.

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