Would You Have Marched?




Would you have marched?


Would you have marched

If you had seen violence come?

Would you have spoken out when

Into a home

Only last week

Here in our town

Violence crept softly?

Would you protest

If you knew

Up the stairs

And into the room

And into the bed

Violence took what it wanted

In silence

As the girl slept.


Would you have joined

Those who were marching

Together this morning

If you only knew

That just yesterday

Saw another dad’s heartbreak

How he broke down

When he was told

About last weekend

About how in his home

The home he had built

To protect all who he loved

Was not safe enough

That Violence still came?


For Violence is stealthy

Violence loves silence

Creeping upon those it would harm

Wickedly cruel

And with no notice

No noise and no protests

In the girl’s house

And in her girl’s room

Where the girl slept

That violence came stalking.


And now in her waking

There is no marching

Now only tears quietly falling

For until all will march

Protest and make noise

The sad truth is that

Violence will live on.




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