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Elizabeth is a Sydney based author and poet. Her works often reflect the world from the perspective of those who are marginalised, misunderstood or simply unheard. Elizabeth’s picture book series, Elephant in the Room raises family and mental health topics. Elizabeth is an award winning poet and regularly presents on storytelling as well family and mental health issues both here in Australia and internationally.

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The Very Bad Thing

The story of recovery from a traumatic event. The Very Bad Thing happened on a bright sunny day. In this picture book, with the sea as a metaphor, a young sailor navigates through a terrible storm. Struggling to keep going, feeling alone and cut off from everyone, the sailor can see there is a place of safety where the Very Bad Thing can not reach them. Unable to go back or move forward the sailor finds the strength to seek help. Help appears, steady and strong, providing the support the sailor needs to face the trauma and move to a life of safety and peace beyond it.

Ocean Devotion

A nonfiction narrative about the plastic island in Hawaii told through the eyes of children. This wordless board book is designed to delight young children with its adorable characters whose love of nature inspires them to take action and save the ocean from pollution.


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Rain Shaker

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Author Services

Author Talks

For Schools

Elizabeth offers one hour, ½ day and full day sessions. With a teaching background and many years of experience, Elizabeth travels internationally sharing her stories and taking part in school and library events. From specialised small group sessions whole class and department and whole school presentations, Elizabeth provides a stimulating and fun environment in which children can enjoy learning and build on their knowledge and understanding.

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For Kindergartens and child care centres

Elizabeth runs sessions with multiple small group interactive presentations (each running 20-30 mins) designed to suit the very young. With plenty of fun, singing and dancing children will have fun meeting the popular Verityville characters and learning about values such as kindness, resilience and care for the environment in these dynamic sessions.


Key-Note – Panel – Professional Development – Advisory & One-on-One Consultations

Elizabeth has been part of numerous scholarly and educational events including the New York Young Child Conference (2018), the ANZAED annual conference (2017) and the International Storytelling Conference in Oxford UK (2016) Visits can be tailored to meet your needs.

Elizabeth is a member of the Australian Society of Authors. Please refer to ASA guide for speakers’ rates.

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On the Blog

Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows is a story about siblings, Sam and Ruby, that asks children to look at the magic of rainbows in a different way. Sam and Ruby are extremely curious about rainbow magic. They have some unanswered questions. Are there pots of gold at the end, will they feel zingy if they touched one, do unicorns live on the top? Together they set out on a mission to find these answers…

Global Issues

It was the 18th March and I was in the middle of trying to sort out flights home from the UK before the borders closed in the height of the COVID-19 drama when I got an email from my illustrator Melissa Salvarani who wrote saying she’d finished writing a new book that talks about everyday situations in which we use our hands, everything we touch and the bacteria that live on the palms of the hands…

Supporting Words

As a qualified teacher and a children’s author you would think that writing my own teacher’s notes for each of my books is second nature. Well yes and no. With my mind in many places

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