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Elizabeth talks about the inspiration behind her books
Front Cover of children's book A Very Bad Thing

Discover why Elizabeth writes about important family and mental health issues and what has motivated her to become an advocate for talking about life issues with younger children in her series The Elephant in the Room. Click to view on YouTube...

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How To Help Children Have A Healthy Body Image
How To Help Children Have A Healthy Body Image

As a mental and family health advocate and a parent who has supported my daughter through recovery from an eating disorder, I am often asked, “How can I help my child with their body image?” Sadly the parents who do approach me have often waited to speak up about their concerns until their child’s thinking […]


Written by Allison Paterson and Illustrated in Nancy Bevington Allison Paterson is a well-established name in children’s literature. Known for her well-researched and personal non-fiction narrative accounts of life in the past. From the evocative Shearing Time about life on the rural farm to Granny’s Place about 1960’s childhood and intergenerational bonds to her highly […]

Seed Balls
Seed Balls

Seed Balls
How to help fruit and vegetables regenerate through fun seed dispersal activities
By: Elizabeth Mary Cummings, Melissa Salvarani (Illustrator)
Published: 15th June 2020
ISBN: 978-0994339270
Pages: 36
For Ages: 5 – 8 years old

This beautifully illustrated book introduces the concept of seed dispersal to children. Readers will discover the possibility of new life in the fruit and vegetables they eat every day. Simple graphics demonstrate the process of seed dispersal and children are encouraged to experiment by taking part in seed dispersal themselves. A simple recipe for home made seed balls is explained and a glossary of terms as well as a map or origins of some fruits and vegetables are included at the back section of the book. This books ties in with primary curriculums without being overly didactic and the information is displayed in a colourful fun activity based format.

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Elizabeth is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW
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Elephant In The Room

Elizabeth is a Sydney based author and poet. Her works often reflect the world from the perspective of those who are marginalised, misunderstood or simply unheard. Elizabeth’s picture book series, Elephant in the Room raises both family and mental health topics. Elizabeth is an award-winning poet and regularly presents on storytelling as well family and mental health issues both here in Australia and internationally.

Elizabeth believes that our young people can help us understand our world and so her stories all start by exploring the world from a child’s perspective. By taking a child’s view on a certain topic there becomes a ‘way in’ to new perspectives and a fresh way of seeing the world and the role of others in it. Elizabeth’s books are there to help children and adults alike find a way into new modes of thinking and new perspectives.

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Educator and Speaker

Elizabeth’s love of literature inspires her students. From classroom book nooks to school theatre productions to school visits and writing workshops, Elizabeth is passionate about helping children and adults find their creative spark. Her students are encouraged to explore their own creative ideas and to learn new ideas along the way. Elizabeth believes that there is always an innovative way to look at the familiar and that we can all learn and grow no matter how old we are or where we are in our journey of knowledge.

Mental Health Advocate

Elizabeth’s background in psychology has driven her work in the area of mental health; particularly for young people. Elizabeth is regularly in demand to consult on family mental health matters, speaking internationally and locally at conferences as well as in private engagements.

Environmental Awareness and Protection

Elizabeth’s love of nature led her to become an active and outspoken promoter of environmental issues; both through her writings and through her teaching. Elizabeth believes that the need to raise awareness and to demonstrate the principles of environmental activism is fundamental in the creation of a sustainable world for the future.

EC Press

At EC Press, Elizabeth Mary Cummings is dedicated to sharing contemporary social issues through narrative. If you are interested in collaborating on educational or literary projects, you can find further details and examples on the EC Press page or contact Elizabeth directly.