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Elizabeth is a Sydney based author and poet. Her works often reflect the world from the perspective of those who are marginalised, misunderstood or simply unheard. Elizabeth’s picture book series, Elephant in the Room raises family and mental health topics. Elizabeth is an award winning poet and regularly presents on storytelling as well family and mental health issues both here in Australia and internationally.

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The Forever Kid

When a child dies a family is forever changed. The sense of grief and loss are now part of their daily life, every family event, particularly birthdays and anniversaries are painful. Times of celebration are touched with sadness. Can there be any comfort for families in this of grief? This narrative told through the voice of a sibling looks at how a family carries on whilst still remembering, still grieving and still connecting with their departed ‘forever’ child.


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Rain Shaker

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Author Services

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For Schools

Elizabeth offers one hour, ½ day and full day sessions. With a teaching background and many years of experience, Elizabeth travels internationally sharing her stories and taking part in school and library events. From specialised small group sessions whole class and department and whole school presentations, Elizabeth provides a stimulating and fun environment in which children can enjoy learning and build on their knowledge and understanding.

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For Kindergartens and child care centres

Elizabeth runs sessions with multiple small group interactive presentations (each running 20-30 mins) designed to suit the very young. With plenty of fun, singing and dancing children will have fun meeting the popular Verityville characters and learning about values such as kindness, resilience and care for the environment in these dynamic sessions.


Key-Note – Panel – Professional Development – Advisory & One-on-One Consultations

Elizabeth has been part of numerous scholarly and educational events including the New York Young Child Conference (2018), the ANZAED annual conference (2017) and the International Storytelling Conference in Oxford UK (2016) Visits can be tailored to meet your needs.

Elizabeth is a member of the Australian Society of Authors. Please refer to ASA guide for speakers’ rates.

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COVID Creations: Dinner on the Doorstep: A Story of Kindness in Difficult Times

Before she got sick Mum always looked after all of us.
She helped the neighbours with their shopping.
She walked her friend Helen’s dog when Helen was at work.
She helped the kids with their homework at Homework Club.
Mum helped everyone until… Mum got sick.
Her throat was sore and she kept coughing.
She had a bad virus….

Rainy Day Post

Today it is has been raining in my town and instead of putting on raincoats and putting up our umbrellas to go to school we are staying in our homes doing our best to help beat the COVID pandemic…

Teachers who Make a Difference

Today I got a request for help from parents in Spain for ideas and support as they cope with homeschooling. Instead of sending lists of teacher manuals or student workbooks online, I thought back to my own experience of homeschooling during…

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